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Our apparels are product by one of the greatest european factory which follow and totally secure your order, payment and delivery as well. And YES, we dispatch world wide.

1/ Who are we?
2/ Why Waboo-wear?
3/ Dark-Waboo
4/ Waboo.org

1/ Who are we?

Waboo : [ouabou] General term of excitement and joy. Ex : You own a new bike... Waboo !! " - Also analogy to the sound produced by an engine downshift : ""WABROOooo, WABROOooo".

Waboo is first of all a band of bikers: 5 biking addicts, passionate about riding and fast rythm travelling throughout Europe and beyond.
Whether on racetracks or, most of the time, riding spinning country roads crisscrossing apace through valley, hills and mountains, Waboo Team binge with the most exciting feeling on wheels, as well as you certainly do.

Waboo is also a state of mind, a will to enjoy the great invention that motorbike is and to try to escape from a more and more sensible narrow-minded road rule enslavement.

2/ Why Waboo-wear?

Waboo-wear is to allow riders of every countries and kinds to show their passion in a quirky, irreverent, funny and even poetic way on several products.
The high quality and durability of the illustrations is ensured by flex-type printing: a soft and durable material applied on the fabric.
Some models are even reflective or luminescent...!!

You can also make a model to fit more to your will by following the link "Create your own".

Please take time to clic on the model you have choosen in each range of pattern and then follow the link "size table" beside size choice. Thus, you wil get access to every measures of the product (as well as sleeves length, width for each size).

Download the care/cleaning instructions notice :

3/ Dark Waboo - (coming soon)

This section will propose darker, more cynical topics. Lovers of Gothic or eternal rebels, this is your place.


This is the Waboo team's website. You will find the presentation of each member, videos, pictures, news and especially illustrations of pin-up '